Jaclyn and James


Words could not express the excessive amount of emotion I was introduced to over this last weekend. There was a big shift in my significant others and I’s relationship. It began over a chilly, but beautiful morning at a white, snow covered park. I was able to gaze into my other halfs eyes and be totally oblivious to the photographer taking our photos from a distance. We spent many hours, and days talking and planning for this very moment. So it was a very special moment for the both of us. After some time, we began our trek for a weekend getaway to Seattle. Upon our arrival, we checked into our reserved room at the Motif Hotel, the most gorgeous hotel I’ve ever seen, with an outstanding view of downtown Seattle. We immediately began going on our numerous dates and walks around Seattle. The following evening, we spent the afternoon all around Seattle, from the glass museum, to the zoo and aquarium and ending with the space needle. I noticed the tense movements from him. He was jittery, and very nervous the whole afternoon. Once at the top of the space needle, with our friends recording, he pulled me away from the rail and got down on one knee. Not once did I look at the ring. I kept my eyes locked on his beautiful eyes. Before he finished his proposal I said yes. I’ve never been so positively overwhelmed. We finished our evening trekking around Seattle and then finished the night with our very first classy dinner. With him being active military, the little time we get to spend together is highly cherished. All prior activities, we’re all his planning. After dinner we spent the remainder of the night drinking champagne and celebrating. To sum the rest of the story, I was able to spend the rest of my experience up here with my best friend, my love, and now, my fiancé.



Special Thanks

Ashley Grafton | 
Ashley Katerina Photography