Jaclyn and Jake

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How We Met

Our families have known each other for a very long time – we grew up playing soccer and other sports with each other’s siblings. Needless to say, we’ve known each other many years, but the sparks didn’t fly until 2010. We both happened to workout in the school gym at the same time, and Jake and his friend took it upon themselves to critique my lifting techniques and teach me how to do “real pushups”. After much flirting we started dating, and the rest is history <3

how they asked

When I was a little girl, I took a family vacation to Lake Huron. It was too cold to go into the water, so my family friend and I carved rocks on the beach. We carved our names on to rocks and left them on the beach saying we will only marry the Prince who brings us our rock (being the classic Disney princesses we thought we were). Little did I know, my friend’s dad collected those rocks, and found them in his garage a few years ago. He gave my rock to my high school sweetheart boyfriend of five years, Jake, and filled him in on the background story. Now to the proposal – My relatives were in town to celebrate my grandma’s birthday, or so I was told! The morning before we left for a birthday shopping extravaganza, I get an automated text message saying my package had been delivered. The frequent online shopper I am, didn’t think much of it. I went to the front porch, and there sat half a dozen roses with a note. Jake was sending me on a scavenger hunt to entertain me for the day. (I didn’t think anything of this either since he always does thoughtful things like this).

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It was simple, solve each riddle to find the last 6 roses. Each riddle led me to a significant spot in our relationship, with friends and family at each stop to help deliver the roses (the high school parking lot where we first said I love you, the spot we had our first kiss, etc.). After many many tears, laughter, and smiles (my college roommates had the second rose/riddle who I hadn’t seen in MONTHS!) my final riddle led me to the final rose. I cried tears of joy the whole car ride to the final stop by the riverfront, and ran as fast as I could to hug the man of my dreams. I was so excited I don’t remember a word he said, but I will never forget him kneeling down in front of me, opening a box with not only my great great grandmother’s ring, but also my hand carved rock from the beach. This was the happiest day of my life, and I absolutely cannot wait to marry my Prince Charming.

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