Jaclyn and Frank

Jaclyn and Frank's Engagement in Levittown, NY

How We Met

Hurricane Sandy devastated most of Long Island in 2012 but it’s all because of “her” that we met 7 years ago! At the time, Frank & I both worked for TGI Friday’s but in different locations. My home store in Levittown never lost power & it wound up being one of the busiest weeks we ever had so the company offered for all employees in different locations to come work for the week being that we were the only store with power for miles. Frank came to work at my store since his store in Huntington was shut down & he happened to live in Levittown a mere 5 minute drive away from my store. We met one crazy shift and hit it off right away! We wound up working together for a few days but once power was restored at his store he had to go back to working there.

At the time we didn’t keep in touch but wound up bumping into each other at The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale on Thanksgiving Eve when I was out with a bunch of coworkers and friends for my birthday celebration. We all shared a round of shots but the bar was insanely crowded so we didn’t get much time to talk. The holiday season passed & before we knew it, it was 2013! February rolled around & during a shift meeting my managers announced we had a new coworker transferring to our store from Huntington, low and behold it was Frank! Once he was working in Levittown full time, the staff welcomed Frank into our group & we began to get to know each other more and more!

It turned out Frank & I had actually been around each other our whole lives and never knew it. Dating back to the year him & my brother we’re actually on the same baseball team as little kids in the 90s! (We discovered this a few months into dating and my mom actually found the team photo from picture day with both of them in it together!) Over time we realized we had lots of mutual friends & couldn’t believe we had never crossed paths in our adult lives. Becoming friends with Frank was one of the easiest things I have ever done in my life. It was as if we had known each other forever & there was no effort needed in our relationship, it was second nature. Frank mentioned to a mutual friend he had a crush on me & she wound up telling me one night when we were out for a friend’s birthday. I remember the butterfly feeling I had when she first told me, I was so excited to take a shot and see what would come out of this!

April rolled around and Frank wanted to celebrate his birthday with all of our friends at Jackie Reilly’s. We all met up at the bar & were having a great time hanging with each other outside of work. A few hours into the night Frank asked if I wanted to go for a walk so we could talk for a little, next thing you know we had our first kiss AHHH! & the rest is history… When the night was over, Frank called a cab for us to get home (yes, a cab…Uber wasn’t even a thing yet!!) My house was close so the cab ride wasn’t too long but it was in those 5 minutes we both realized “this is the one” & we still reminisce on it to this day that we truly knew on the first night! This was the first time in my life I believed in fate, that everything happens for a reason. We started hanging more outside of work, going on some dates here and there. May 21, 2013 Frank officially asked me to be his girlfriend & it’s been the best years of my life since then!!

6 1/2 years together, 3 apartments in 2 states, 3 kitty cats & a lifetime of memories together. I still remember the first time I asked Frank what made him transfer to Levittown when he had worked nearly a year at Huntington. He said “It was because of you all along Jack, it has been and always will be!” Thanks to good ole TGI Friday’s & a crazy combination of coincidences, we both met our soul mates & I truly cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

Jaclyn's Proposal in Levittown, NY

How They Asked

Frank’s parents told us in the early summer they were planning a trip up to NY to visit in August so we decided it would be a perfect idea to have a bbq with our families because we haven’t all been together since my college graduation party 5 years ago! I really didn’t think twice about us all being together & that Frank would possibly take advantage of the perfect time to propose. We have shared so many memories & experiences over the years, I gave up on thinking “I wonder if today will be the day he asks?” long ago! HAHA

My Mom offered to host the bbq at her house & before you knew it the weekend they were visiting was here. Cue the bbq (LOL I’m done with the jokes now) The day of the bbq arrives & we’re all hanging on my parents patio, my Dad had just finished grilling & we went to town on dinner. My sister in law Tina had just fed my niece Delaney a bottle and she spit up on her onesie so when they went inside to change her outfit I didn’t think anything of it.

I was chatting at the table with everyone and Frank came outside holding Delaney, he asked me to hold her for a minute so he could grab his beer. Never second guessing it, I grabbed the baby from him. As he passed her to me, he said “Check our her new outfit!” I turned her towards me & read her onesie that said “Aunt Jackie, will you marry Uncle Frank?” Next thing I know, Frank gets down on one knee to propose! It was such an amazing moment that I waited my whole life to finally have! I couldn’t have imagined a more special way to celebrate our love with both our families, the people who mean the most to us, all together to watch Frank ask me to be his wife!

We have been by each other’s sides through the good, the bad, the happy & the sad times, which has made our love grow even greater over the years. I look forward to growing old with my best friend and partner for life. Our wedding date is May 22, 2021, which happens to be one day after our 8 years of officially dating! Let’s get this party started!!

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Special Thanks

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