Jaclyn and Dylan

how we met

We are a true millennial love story. We met on the dating app Hinge. Neither of us ever thought online dating would work, but it brought us to each other and the rest is history!

how they asked

We had just moved in together a month before he proposed. I was completely surprised, I didn’t think it would come that soon! We had a great day together, hanging out and going to the zoo. We were getting ready to go to my parents house for Passover, where his whole family was invited as well. We were getting ready in our room and he put on “Jersey Girl” by Bruce Springsteen and we started dancing. He was saying cute things to me, how happy he was since I had moved in, then got down on a knee!! He told me that the proposal was a surprise, and no one knew so he took my phone so we could “surprise everyone”. We then went to Passover, where everyone instead surprised me at my parents house with balloons and champagne. I was the last person to know! It was the perfect celebration.

Special Thanks