Jaclyn and Blake

Jaclyn's Proposal in Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

How We Met

I had my junior year semi-formal in college (Kentucky Derby themed) for my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and I was feeling adventuresome (and also tired of asking guys to events haha), so I asked my roommates to set me up for the event. One of their date’s friends apparently was always the “go to” guy for a set up, so they asked him if he’d go with me. Of course, being the gentleman that Blake is, he said yes, and we ended up having so much fun together, and the rest is history… :)

Jaclyn and Blake's Engagement in Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

how they asked

I went up to Fort Worth from Waco to visit Blake for the weekend, and he said he wanted to take me out to dinner some where nice Saturday night, just because! Which, really wasn’t a hint, because he is always wanting to try new restaurants with me. He also suggested we spend a few hours before dinner walking around in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, since we hadn’t been in about a year, and we love taking nature walks together. So, Saturday rolls around, and we get in his car to head over to the gardens.

Proposal Ideas Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

We get to the gardens, and he says the tickets are already paid for, and we can just walk in. So we start walking around the gardens, admiring all the beauty, and he is leading me where to go the entire time. After about five minutes, we come up on this beautiful gazebo, decorated with lights and candles, and as we get closer, I notice there are pictures of us all around.

Where to Propose in Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

My heart dropped, and I quickly realized what all this was about!! We went into the gazebo, he said some really sweet things, I cried, and then he popped the question!

But the surprises didn’t end there!! After the proposal, we left the gardens, went back to his apartment, and he told me to pack up my things (OK?!). His roommate came and picked us up, and took us to the airport (WHAT?!).

We got on a HELICOPTER, and flew down to Waco. From the landing site, we drove (somehow my car ended up there?! lol) to a local favorite Mexican food restaurant. He said we were going to do a progressive dinner, and start out here with some margaritas and chips and salsa. We walk in, and go up to a reserved area, only to find ALL my closest friends and family!!! We celebrated well into the night (complete with mariachi serenade hahaha), and it could not have been a more magical evening! :)