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How We Met

It was a chilly evening in NYC, a Thursday to be exact. The air was crisp; with January frost forming at the tip of your nose and the all-to-familiar winter chill running up your, very layered, spine. The streets were busy with people leaving work and traveling to their next stop. It seemed like a pretty ordinary evening.

I was leaving my job and deciding what my next stop was going to be; do I head to a private shopping event I was invited to at LF in SoHo or go straight to my 7:15 pm dinner reservation and hang at the restaurant? A gut feeling told me I should go to the store. So, as a believer in signs, I did just that.

I called a cab and got to LF in no more than 10 minutes flat. “Wonderful,” I thought. “I have a whole hour to shop before having to head to dinner.” The night was already off to a great start! Little did I know, it was going to be one of the best nights of my life – and anything but ordinary.

I walk in to LF to find the sales associate, who invited me, helping another girl (my now-fiance’s sister), so she sets me up with a trusted sales associate and we get to quickly pulling outfits. I have a pile of clothes that I’m excited to try on and I’m still making good timing. I begin to make my way to the dressing room in the back of the store and, as I am walking down the aisle, I can’t help but lock eyes with this mystery man. In that second, no one else existed. Literally, no one: so much so that there was another guy sitting next to him and I had no idea. Who was this man? Why is he here? I saw him through a different type of lens of handsome, which is still hard to describe. It was a deeper connection. It was pure magic.

We continued to catch glimpses of one another while I was waiting for my dressing room to try on clothes. What would happen of all of this?

Fast forward, I am waiting to check out at the register, and this sweet woman (my now fiance’s mom) prevents me from putting down my bag in a pile of water that is on the cashier counter. “THANK YOU,” I say and we proceed to talk. The woman (mom) proceeds to ask me if I’ve ever been to Momofuku Noodle Bar, as she is from out of town and is going there tonight. “Yes”, I reply. “BUT you need to go to Momofuku Milk Bar and get the CAKE!” The woman then calls her son over (him) and I can see him blush. He has this certain look in his eye. He pulls up Google maps, shows me, and I confirm that’s the spot and say, “You HAVE to get the birthday cake!” They thank her and that’s it. No name exchange, nothing. They head to leave the store and I continue to check out.

A few minutes later, as I head to walk out of the store, the sales associate, stops me in my tracks and hands me a receipt. She says that “he” has left his number on this receipt and “you NEED to call him!” I say to the sales associate, “I don’t know him!” “I don’t even know his name!” She proceeds to say that, “I MUST contact him and that he is “normal (her exact words), has a wonderful family and she has known them for years – they shop with her all the time.” I give her a look. She’s like, “Jaclyn, you have to DO IT! He thought you were beautiful!” So I say, “I’ll think about it.”

As I proceed to walk out the door, now running, like a deer in headlights I stare right into his eyes as he is pulling away in his cab. Again, time froze. The wind calmed, the frost didn’t feel as cold, and the loud NYC commotion had summoned. It was a defining and special moment.

I walk past their car, walk to the corner, hail a cab and pull out the receipt. I look at the number to later find out the area code was San Diego. He’s from out of town. “How much time does he have here,” I wonder. I decide to text him about an hour or so later.

“I hope you got the cake! (Insert cake emoji here).” The text was in true-Jaclyn form. He later sends a picture of the dessert menu. I open her phone and smile. We then formally introduce themselves, briefly chat and set a time to see one another the next night. I proceed to make the reservation and then on Jan. 22nd we had our first date during one of the biggest snow storms in NYC. The rest is history.

We did long distance (NY – Cali) for about eight months before I moved to California. Now, we are engaged and planning our wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

Reflecting back, this magical night feels right out of my favorite movie, Serendipity. From the irony of us meeting, to the receipt, to the chilly NYC night, the list goes on. A million and one possibilities could have changed either one of their paths that night – but they didn’t. Better than a movie sequel? I absolutely believe so!

how they asked

Since we were long distance, Blake had come to the East Coast to celebrate our first fourth of July with one another. My family has a summer home in Long Beach Island, NJ so we always head down there for the summer months.

This year, we went back together, since I moved to the West Coast, to celebrate the holiday and spend time with my family. Little did I know, there were going to be extra sparks flying that weekend! On July 2, 2017, Blake proposed to me in an intimate and very special proposal in the marina where my family keeps our boat. I had absolutely no idea! The fairytale moment took place right near this gazzibo that overlooks the beautiful bay, and my family and close friends were standing by to celebrate with big smiles and champagne!

Following the proposal, we had a photoshoot on the beach and infront of the absolutely breathtaking sunset that took place that evening. Once finished, we headed back to my house where we were greeted by all of our loved ones and showered with love! My backyard was decked out in engagement decor and we popped some more champagne and continued the celebration of the new soon-to-be mr. & mrs.! Later that night, we headed to a celebratory dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

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our favorite restaurants.