Jaclyn and Arthur

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How We Met

The night starting out with dinner and margaritas with my girlfriends at our local Mexican restaurant. I was ready to go home after dinner, but I agreed to have “one more drink”. When we arrived at the bar, it was packed! I followed my friend through the crowd to meet her new guy that happened to be there as well. As I walked through the mob, I felt someone literally “snap” the leather leggings I was wearing! I turned around to yell at this person, never expecting it to be my future husband someday. His opening line began with, “Why are you wearing leggings at a lounge?” Not charming to say the least! After chatting for a bit, his sense of humor intrigued me but my friend was calling me so I ended the conversation short. Before walking away, we exchanged numbers. Two weeks went by, and he contacted me out of the blue. We spent that night on the phone for an hour and I was smitten. Shortly after we started seeing each other, we went on a trip to Mexico and confessed our love to each other. The rest is history!

how they asked

It was Valentines Day, and I had told him earlier that I would cook since the restaurants tend to get crazy busy. While at work, he texted me that he was trying to make reservations somewhere local so that I didn’t have to cook. I was super tired so I agreed! When he came home, he arrived him a beautiful bouquet of flowers (even though I told him not to!) He told me that he made a reservation to our local sushi restaurant where we frequently go and also had our first date at. When we sat down, they placed us in a booth next to the table we sat at on our first date. He told me that he tried to reserve that same table, but unfortunately, the couple sitting there took longer than expected. I thought the gesture was adorable, but I didn’t think anything of it. After finishing our meal, the server arrived at our table with champagne.

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I decided it would be cute to sit at “our” table after noticing that the couple sitting there had left. After reminiscing and laughing about our memories on that night we had our first date, he had asked our friend/server to take a picture of us. What I didn’t know is that he had told him to put it on the record instead. As we leaned in to take the picture, I looked down and he was on his knee in the middle of the restaurant. I nearly passed out, I was so shocked! It was the best surprise of my life.