Jaclyn and Anthony

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Perry Hall, MD

How We Met

Long story short, we met at a dinner party in December of 2018 through the Raleigh Catholic Young Adult Group. We did not speak to one another at the party, but just as I was leaving I gave him a hug goodbye; that is after I told everyone I had to leave because I had a wedding to do the next day. Who knows what Tony thought of that, but good news is I’ve never been married, I am a floral designer who specializes in Weddings and Events. We saw one another again at another dinner party and finally begun talking after he got my phone number from group chat which is when he asked me to fill a spot in for Eucharistic Adoration. It was all uphill from there!

How They Asked

To my knowledge the main reason for the trip to Maryland was to attend Fr. Jim Proffitt’s last Mass at St. John’s; however, I was unaware that Tony had another reason for this trip. Holy Spirit lead, under God’s protection, in front of 12 of my immediate family members, he got down on one knee, asked me a question and after relishing in the moment, long pause, I replied with confidence, “YES!”

Funny because once we got to lunch, ordered food, said grace Tony was not eating and I thought something must be wrong or up! That was when he got up and asked!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Ashley Jacobs
 | Photographer
Diane Gough
 | Planning