Jaclyn and Andrew

Where to Propose in In our apartment

I run a magazine and just came home from booking my summer photoshoot on the Classic Harbor Line in Boston. I had been telling Andrew how excited I was to book the shoot and how amazing it was going to be.. We continue to discuss the shoot and walk into our bedroom and I sit on the bed and hes standing across from me just talking and our pup hersh came on the bed to lay next to me. All of a sudden out of no where mid conversation Andrew took the ring box out of his back pocket, got down on one knee and asked, it was SO cute and I was totally surprised! We had been dating for over 5 years so I had no idea what to expect but to all brides who think they are going to be ready you NEVER KNOW! I didn’t even have my nails or hair done loll it was the most natural amazing moment. I couldn’t have been more grateful to NOT know because I am an event planner and run a magazine so by trade I am down to the details type of planner! lol

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In our apartment