Jaclyn and Alexander

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How We Met

Alex and Jaclyn met while working together at a marketing and web design agency in Charlotte, NC. As department leads, the pair was thrown together a lot to work on various projects and became great teammates, and over time, awesome friends.

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After knowing each other for several months, Alex asked Jaclyn out on their first date, but Jaclyn was reluctant because of their working relationship. While talking to her dad about Alex, he gave great advice: “If you think he and the potential relationship is worth the risk, go for it.” Shortly after, Alex took Jaclyn on their first date and she was smitten. Four short months later, Alex was asking for her father’s blessing.

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how they asked

Alex proposed to Jaclyn shortly after their first anniversary on a trip to The Biltmore Estate on October 1, 2016, but the day was a long time coming. If you ask Alex, he’ll tell you that he knew Jaclyn was the girl he’d spend the rest of his life with from before their first date. Alex asked Jaclyn’s parents for their blessing in March 2016, which they gave happily, and then began planning his surprise proposal. He enlisted the help of Jaclyn’s Maid of Honor, Madelyn, to find the perfect ring. Shortly after the ring was picked up with Alex’s Best Man, Andrew, Alex began planning the trip to Biltmore in October. Jaclyn had become very inquisitive in the summer months due to Alex sneakily planning all the details.

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All of Jaclyn and Alex’s friends and family did a great job covering up the secret. In fact, they did such a good job that Jaclyn was clueless about the upcoming event. When they arrived at Biltmore, Jaclyn and Alex spent the day exploring the mansion and wandering through Antler Village. Alex planned the day around making it to the gardens around dusk so that he could propose on the terrace at sunset. From Alex sweating all day in 50 degree weather, to his wanting them to dress up for dinner at The Inn before walking through the gardens, Jaclyn probably should have caught on that something was up. But, Alex kept his secret well and Jaclyn couldn’t have been more surprised!

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As the sun began setting, they made their way through the gardens and up to the terrace at Biltmore House. The crowds had cleared for the day, and Alex and Jaclyn were watching the sunset over the blue ridge landscape as Alex began telling her just how much she means to him. Before Jaclyn could even comprehend what was happening, Alex was on one knee asking her to marry him, to which she shouted “YES!” As Alex took Jaclyn in his arms, he fumbled to pull the ring out of his pocket and put it on her finger.

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Jaclyn was so shocked she didn’t even see the ring, let alone notice it was on the wrong hand (oopsies!). After the shock began to wear off, the excitement set in and the ring was placed on the correct hand, the two sat on the lawn and called their friends and family to share the good news! The next day, Alex and Jaclyn made their way back to Jaclyn parents’ house to pick up Isabella and were greeted with a surprise engagement party! Alex, Madelyn and Jaclyn’s mom, Karen, had been planning the party for months, and all of the couple’s closest friends and families were there to celebrate! It was an unbelievable weekend, one the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Daniels will never forget!

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