Jacky and Edgar

How We Met

We met while working at IHOP 4 years ago. Edgar had just moved to Georgia from New Mexico, wanting a new start, and thanks to the help from his sister and brother-in-law they got him an extra room and a job as a cook. I had started a week before as a server, he flirted with me by making me koala face pancakes. He says when he saw me he fell for my smile and dimples. And after our first date, I knew I wanted to have his loving personality in my life in any kind of way.

How They Asked

On my birthday he surprised me with tickets to Disney World for us two, along with a whole week’s trip planned perfectly. He had planned outfits, a nail appointment ordered, themed masks, and made all our reservations. I was spoiled, to say the least!

Image 1 of Jacky and Edgar

On the day of our anniversary, we set out early to the Magic Kingdom, wanting to be some of the first to the castle for some beautiful pictures. We took our train, he got stopped at security check (almost spoiling the secret) and made a b-line to Cinderella’s castle.

As we walked into the park I said “Wow! It would be amazing to be proposed here! I hope we see one!” We were lucky enough to only have a few people in the area, a few couples, and a lonely tourist all taking advantage of the small crowds.

Image 2 of Jacky and Edgar

He took my hand, walked to the very front, and I got mentally prepared for a lot of selfies with the castle. Then he looked me in the eyes, got on one knee, and said “Jacqueline. We’ve been together for four years now, and I love you very very much. Will you marry me?” And of course, I said YES!

Image 3 of Jacky and Edgar

And there to capture it all was the lonely tourist, Johanna Oakes! My new fiancé had found an amazing Orlando photographer to record and photograph the whole thing beautifully! They had planned a whole Disney surprise photo shoot that came out better than I could have dreamed. I never imagined we’d be the kind of couple who gets engaged in front of The Castle. I later found out Edgar had planned the proposal for months and wanted to use the magical world of Disney to create a beautiful proposal neither of us could ever forget. So he went to Jared’s! Where he found a beautiful rose gold ring that couldn’t fit my personality more!

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Our outfits were a combination of comfort and us just wanting to look our cutest while at the most magical, and photographic, place on earth. We wanted to match but also incorporate as much magic as we could into it, so I sewed a few patches onto our favorite outfits, not knowing it would end up being so importantly us!

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Special Thanks

Johanna Oakes Photography
 | Photographer