Jackie and Drew

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How We Met

Drew and I met at my junior prom. He went with my best friend, Kalynn (his God sister), and I was with another guy. Two years passed by and my family had become best friends with his family and Kalynn’s family. All three families rented a beach house together and this is when I started to develop a crush on Drew. Fast forward a year later, we had started talking. We ended up going on our first date on June 6 in 2012. We went to a 2 dollar, cash only theatre and Drew did not realize (and I had not told him) that it was cash only. He paid for our tickets, then we went to get a drink and snack and Drew went to hand the lady his card and she said, “I’m sorry, we only accept cash.” We ended up not getting anything because Drew had used all his cash on the movie tickets. Drew was so embarrassed, but thats where it all began!

how they asked

Drew and I were suppose to go to dinner with my sister, Jaime, and my brother in law, Seth. Jaime and Seth picked me up in Winchester and we were going to meet Drew in Hagerstown for dinner. On the way up Seth, handed me a video and said he wanted to show me something. I put the headphones in and started to watch the video. I could not believe what I was watching. Drew had made a movie with pictures and visited many of the significant places we have been together. At the end of the movie he said, “well it’s about 6:30 now and you all should be here any second.” I got to the C&O Canal, Dam 5, where we had ridden a bike trail this past summer on one of our dates. Drew had the whole bridge lit up with lights and candles leading up to him. I walked up to him and he spoke some sweet things and asked me to marry him. Of course I said, “YES!” Both of our parents were there for the engagement and Drew had a videographer there. It was the best day of my life!

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