Jackie and Zac

How We Met

Believe it or not, Zac and I met back when we were in high school when we were both dating other people. He was the captain of the hockey team and very handsome, so I always cheered for him while attending my ex’s games… oops! Flash forward to 2016, I had just gotten out of a 5-year relationship and did not want to be alone. I was really focused on finding my forever. I remember asking for a little “sign” to show me that everything was going to be ok and one cold afternoon in January, I received a spontaneous Facebook message from Zac, whom I hadn’t spoken to in years and coincidentally he had just got out of a 4-year relationship as well. He said he was “ready for something real and to find him forever”. Sparks instantly flew from that moment. It was exactly the “sign” I needed. “You know when you know” is always a phrase my mom would tell me when explaining love. I thought I knew what love was when I was younger, but being with Zac; I can truly say I am in love with him. We have been together for almost three years now, live in Nashua, NH and have a silly, energetic, two-year-old Rottweiler named Rocco. I love the life we have started to build together.

how they asked

On June 16, 2018, it was already an exciting day for us because we were heading to Aruba; little did I know it was going to be the best day of my life! We had just arrived at the resort and made dinner reservations. Zac picked out a little black dress for me to wear to dinner and told me he loved me in that one. Around 6 pm we had a beautiful dinner right on the beach, the views were breathtaking. Shortly after, the sun was setting. We found a cute little spot right near the ocean and of course, the bar, to listen to the band playing. We got a drink while we were waiting for the sunset, something I had been dying to see and talked about all week!

Where to Propose in Aruba

The man singing announced “to the sweet young couple in front, this song is for you” and began singing “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. I had butterflies. I looked back at Zac and asked if he asked him to play that song and he responded: “no, I had nothing to do with this!” We laughed and enjoyed the song together and the sun was about to set. Zac helped me take my wedges off and we began walking on the beach. The sunset was absolutely amazing.

Jackie's Proposal in Aruba

I was taking photos of the sunset, because everyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with taking pictures, and Zac comes up behind me and starts saying how happy he is and how perfect this moment is. He asked me if I was happy and I said: “I couldn’t be happier”. He grabbed me closer and said, “you know how much I love you right?” And I said, “of course I do, and I love you!” He responded with “I can’t picture my life without you”.

Zac got down on one knee and tears instantly shed from my eyes, uncontrollably. “Will you marry me?” he said, and of course I said “yes!!!” A photographer came rushing out, getting the entire proposal on camera, which was planned in advance by my fiancé. He knows me so well. The crowd was applauding and I couldn’t stop smiling. It was truly a perfect moment.