Jackie and Thomas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mount Fuji, Japan

How We Met

Thomas and I met online (as was the usual thing to do in 2012!). We had our first meeting at a cute little coffee shop in Saskatoon.

how they asked

Thomas has always been the romantic in our relationship, and his proposal was nothing short of a fairy tale. I had graduated university in April, so we planned a trip to celebrate. We were originally thinking Africa, but that didn’t work out for us, so we planned to visit Japan instead. Thomas is very active and wanted to hike Mt Fuji while we were there, and little did I know he had some other plans as well.

So after all the planning, we set off for Japan with all four parents in tow. We have a wonderful first few days in Japan, and as we head to Tokyo, news of Typhoon Jebi makes its way to us. Luckily, Tokyo just got some rain, but other parts o f Japan were not so lucky, including Mt Fuji. We delayed our hike until the day after in hopes that the mountain would be climbable. We were up at 6 AM to make the bus to get to Mt. Fuji, only to be told that all routes up the mountain were closed. We were heartbroken, since we were heading back to Canada in a few days and wouldn’t get another opportunity to climb. While getting our bus tickets switched, Thomas heard that there may be a route opening in an hour, but we’d have to take another bus and then see if they’d let us hike. So off we went. Thankfully, they opened a single path up the mountain. It wasn’t the route we had planned, but we would be able to get to our hut so off we went.

The hike up the mountain was the hardest thing we had ever done. After about 1/3 of the way to our mountain hut, it started to get dark and very cold. But we persevered, and thanks to Thomas, we made it to our mountain hut safely (despite me wanting to turn back the entire time). We gratefully ate our provided meal and immediately went to sleep. We were awoken at 2 AM to hike to the summit. It was pitch black, and freezing cold, but the other hikers and the motivation of the sunrise at the summit was enough to fuel our exhausted legs and we made it to the summit.

We stood huddled in a small corner, as the wind was unbelievable at the summit, it would knock people over and pelt you with stones. But the view was worth it, neither of us had seen anything quite as beautiful as the sunrise that day. We spent a little time on the summit, having the best hot chocolate you could ask for, and basking in the sun that had now risen. I asked Thomas if he was ready to head down, as I knew our parents were waiting to ear about our hike and see the beautiful photos we had taken. Thomas agreed, but only if I took a picture with him at the entrance to the summit, under a shrine, and of course, I agreed. As a lined up for a photo, Thomas was rummaging through his pack and when I turned to look at him, he brought out a small, black box. He told me how much he loved me, how proud he was of me, and asked me to marry him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mount Fuji, Japan

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