Jackie and Ryan

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How we met

In 2009, I moved to Maryland not knowing anyone. I started to make some friends and one thing my friends and I liked to do was go out dancing. One night, a friend of ours invited Ryan to join us. We had a great time that night. Since that night, Ryan and I began to hang out more and more over the summer. Soon we became best friends and one day we woke up and realized we loved each other.

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how they asked

What was supposed to be a weekend home visiting my parents and taking them to a REDSOX game turned into my very own fairytale. We were going to spend the night in Newport. Instead of walking into a spa for what I thought was a couples massage, Ryan had scheduled to have my hair and makeup done. He kissed my forehead and said this is where we part ways. He then sent a car to pick me up from from spa and take me to Castle Hill Inn. From there the Valley drove me to my very own private beach house on the water. Inside beautiful music was playing and my dress was laid on the bed with a note to meet him at the lighthouse. So I got dressed followed the path and there by the lighthouse and water, on bended knee the love of my life proposed. Not until after we kissed did I see the hidden photographers. It was truly magical.

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