Jackie and Paul

How We Met

Paul and I met through Instagram. I liked connecting with people who’s work I admired on the app, and Paul made amazing stop-motion animations that I loved. Flash forward 5 years, and we now own full-service photography and animation studio together in Maine. It was perfectly personal that he proposed while I thought we were producing a photo.

How They Asked

On Monday, before we flew home for the holidays, @pjhavel told me that he wanted to take a photo of a Christmas tree on the beach. I was busy with a project at the studio, so Paul set up the photo on his own (we generally produce photos together): the tree, ornaments, lights, and a battery to power them. When it was all set up, he called me and said that he was snapping the pictures and it looked nice, but he felt like something was missing, and was thinking we should be in the picture too. He asked me to come to the beach. If you’ve ever been to Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, then you know there’s something extra special about it generally, but especially its sunset.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport ME 04043

When I arrived, the sky was pink, the white sand was glowing, and the tree was lit up by the water. It was so beautiful, but I still thought we were just taking a picture. We set up the camera to shoot automatically and started decorating the tree for the photo. Immediately (and to my complete surprise) Paul pulled me over, said the sweetest things, and asked me to marry him!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport ME 04043