Jackie and Miles

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How We Met

Miles and I met in the summer of 2012 on Cape Cod when we were 16. We were both visiting friends for a week and it was his friends who invited our friends to a “party.” When we showed up, it was more like a 3 person hangout! We were about to leave when Miles walked in. Miles and I hit it off right from the start.

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We then learned we went to high school in the same town as one another. He attended the private school in my town and I was in public school. We dated through the remainder of high school and college and then a few years post-grad. We worked through 5 years of distance, 1 year off cross-country distance and now this past week we just bought our first house together. :)

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How They Asked

Miles was on “planning duty” for our 8 year anniversary this year. He told me he had it covered. About 2 days before our anniversary I asked him what the plans were and he told me he didn’t really have anything planned yet—he was lying. To my surprise, on the day of our anniversary, he told me to get my nails done, and pack a bag because we were going on vacation! I didn’t think anything of it yet, still just thought this was our anniversary plan sans proposal.

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I didn’t know where we were going until we pulled in to a beautiful resort in Harwich, Cape Cod—the town where we met. This still wasn’t that unusual as we had always returned here around the time of our anniversary to celebrate, but we had never stayed in a resort there. We got settled in and Miles picked a dress for me to wear to an “excursion” he had planned. We arrived at the beach where we had our first kiss, walked to the end onto a jetty and that is where he proposed. Miles had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing and then take us through an amazing engagement photoshoot. This night was the best night of my life!

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Special Thanks

Kaylee Cardoso
 | Photographer