Jackie and Michael

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How We Met

On August 26th 2015 my best friend Andrew came down to Orlando to visit me where I was living. Since we were finally back together and his birthday was the day before, we went out clubbing in Downtown Disney at House of Blues. After some drinking, he found a guy to dance with and we both went off and did our own thing, both having a good time. While on my own, I saw a group of boys across the bar and one in particular caught my eye. As I was making my way over a creepy man started dancing with me. I didn’t mind at first until I did a little turn and he pulled me in and started grinding against me. At this point, the cute guy was right in front of me so I gave his arm a little tickle to get his attention. When he turned around, I mouthed the words “Help me!” He quickly assessed the situation and pulled me over and then he whispered in my ear, “So I just saved you, yeah?” And that’s when I first heard his adorable British accent and that’s also when he became my knight in shining armor as we now call him.

how they asked

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My mom and step-dad have a 1948 Chevy school bus that they’ve turned into a very cool and unique festival bus with creative paintings all over it. It’s the ride I took to prom so it’s already special to me. A few nights after arriving in Tennessee to visit my parents, he asked if I wanted to sit on the bus for a bit while everyone was finishing getting ready. As we were relaxing, he put on some music. The first song was one of the songs playing when we met. I didn’t think anything of it yet because it wasn’t one of “our songs” just a song that was apart of our story. Then, a song of ours started playing and we began talking about the time we’ve spent together and how fast it’s gone but how ever loved every second of it. After, another song of ours came on I was surprised of the timing but hadn’t quite caught on it, especially since he said it was on shuffle and just coincidence. When yet another song of ours came on, I started to pick up on the fact that he was up to something but definitely didn’t think he was proposing. He asked if I wanted to dance on the back deck of the bus and of course I did. As he was holding me closely, one more song of ours came on and he kissed me on my forehead and asked if I was 100% sure if I loved him and of course I said yes. Since we’re in a long distance relationship between England and the United States and I live over there with him 6 months out of the year, we always talk about how I see him 1 in 2 days out of the year therefore I’m his 1-in-2 girl but one day I’ll be his 1-in-1 girl. After dancing and telling me how much he loved me, he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you be my 1-in-1 girl?”