Jackie and Kyle


How We Met

Twas the night before St. Patrick’s Day and all through St. Louis …

But really, we did meet the night before St. Patrick’s Day and it was a simply by chance meet.  We were both at a bar in south city St. Louis – Kyle was pre-celebrating St. Patrick’s day and I was celebrating a St. Louis Blues win that night.  We locked eyes from across the room.  Kyle says that I walked up to him and I say that he came over to me, so of course we all know that Kyle really walked across the room to me.  We didn’t talk long, but exchanged numbers.  Two days later, Kyle texted me to start the conversation, which hasn’t stopped since. :)

how they asked

Jackie has family in Sarasota, FL, so it has always been a special spot for her.  Her birthday is in August, making for a perfect excuse to take a trip.  Since it’s a family vacation spot, some of her family was also able to make the trek down.

The day after we arrived I gave Jackie her birthday presents, a new camera and a necklace “promising” that the “next step” was coming soon.  We made plans to go to dinner that night, but first go to the beach to take pictures of the sunset with her new camera.  In the meantime, Jessica from JVK Photography was planning on capturing the moment on the beach when I asked.  Of course, when 5:30pm hit, it started pouring down rain.  Jessica was so optimistic the whole time that the rain would clear (but I’m sure she was also a bit nervous it wouldn’t end in time).  Luckily her optimism worked out – around 6:15pm the rain cleared long enough for Jackie and I to run down to the beach.  After Jackie took a picture or two, she turned to look at me and that’s when I went down on one knee.

Looking back, as stressful as it was, the rain worked out perfectly. It cleared the beach of people and made for a pretty great background in the end.

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Special Thanks

JVK Photography