Jackie and Kale

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Margaret Hunt hill bridge in dallas, Texas

How We Met

Kale and I met when we were 15 years old in the 10th grade. I went to jasper junior high and my select soccer friends went to Shepton high school but both junior highs feed into Plano west high school. So one night a soccer friend of mine picked me up — I couldn’t drive yet– to pick up her boyfriend and his friends. She told me I could pick between the two boys, one played soccer and one played baseball. The second they walk outside I said oh I pick the brunette! Kale was the cutest boy ever!

Proposal Ideas Margaret Hunt hill bridge in dallas, Texas

I immediately had a crush! We hit it off and he asked me to their school junior high Valentine’s Day dance. That night was magical! We danced the night away and by the end of the night kale nervously asked me to be his girlfriend. That date was 2/4/05. Our love story wasn’t always easy throughout the almost 11 year courtship but it was perfect. Love that I found my soulmate in my high school sweetheart. Seems very rare these days.

Where to Propose in Margaret Hunt hill bridge in dallas, Texas

how they asked

Best day Ever!!! October 7, 2016. So My best friend Kayla is in her 3rd year of law school at SMU and she often attends events for the local firms. Well kayla texts a group of us about how she won a raffle to make sushi with a sushi chef at sushi Biayashi in Trinity grove for Friday October 7th. I was so excited to have a fun girls dinner planned since Kale was on a business trip to Arizona for MLB fall training. Friday came around and I suggested we get a drink at the new rooftop of saint Rocco’s before our sushi adventure. Kayla had even made vouchers for the fake sushi making that night. The drinks were all consumed fairly quickly so Meredith, MOH, suggested we take a cheesy picture on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge since we never get pictures without the boys.

As we’re walking on the bridge I turn to Meredith and asked who we should ask to take the picture. She points in front of us and said “why don’t you ask him!” I didn’t realize it was kale for a couple moments and the second I did my heart just sank!

I ran toward him so shocked since he was sending me pictures of Arizona earlier that day. Once I got close it dawned on me what was happening.

I wish I could remember everything he said to me but all I remember is him getting on one knee and saying “Jacqueline Suzanne McGrath will you Marry me” Happiest moment of my life- without hesitation I said YES!

My mom and Kales family were on the side of the bride recording and taking pictures of the moment. Kale planned a party with our closest family, friends, and even my out town sorority sisters! Best night ever! Wish I could relive it!