Jackie and Josh

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At my family home in New Jersey, where we're both from.

How We Met

Josh and I met in the spring of 2008. I was a senior in high school and he was a junior. We had gone to every school together, from kindergarten, elementary, middle school and all the way to high school, we just never really crossed paths. It wasn’t until I was with a friend at Starbucks (where Josh was a part-time barista at) that I recognized him and asked my friend how she knew who he was. She told me that his name was Josh and that we had gone to school with him FOREVER. It was there that my crush on him began. From that moment on, you could find me seated at Starbucks (pretending) to do homework, getting coffee, etc. We started to chat when he would get off work and became really good friends, but we both knew we were crushing on each other. At school, we had class next door to each other during 5th period and his class would always get out before mine. He would pretend to drink water at the water fountain as I passed by and I’d always smile and say “Hey Josh!” We would walk together to our next class or sometimes I’d drive him to his car since he didn’t have a parking spot at school.

How They Asked

It was the morning of Christmas Eve and we always stay at parents’ house for the holidays, so we were up early getting ready to go visit his dad to exchange gifts before the night’s festivities. He always gets annoyed with me that I dilly dally, so I made sure to get early enough to get ready to go. He was up super early which I found so strange. He asked if I wanted Starbucks as I was getting ready, so he left and brought it back. I was still getting ready with the cup my dresser, my hair was wet, my makeup wasn’t blended in or even on, I had one arm in a shirt, and he said: “Don’t you want to drink your coffee before it gets cold?” I went over to the cup and saw writing on it and turned to my side where he was on one knee with the ring. I was crying and shaking. 11 years in the making.

Jackie and Josh's Engagement in At my family home in New Jersey, where we're both from.

The ring was purchased from Trezar Fine Jewelry in our hometown. It’s special to me because my mom has special jewelry from there, and it’s a piece of home to me.