Jackie and John

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How We Met

Ever since I saw John Steele on the Towson University soccer roster I knew that I had to meet him. He was tall, cute, an athlete and had a british accent, I mean come on! We finally met at a social between my sorority and his team, and the sparks flew. My crush for him only got bigger. Fast forward to my birthday a few months later he finally approached me again and we hit it off. After that we spent as much time together as we could before he had to move back to England. We have had a long distance relationship across the pond ever since. Luckily, this perk of a long distance relationship includes many exciting trips to visit him and the opportunity for us to explore around Europe together in places like Ireland, France, Spain, Holland, and Belgium. Finally he has taken residence in not only the same country as me, but the same state!

how they asked

The Brit (my nickname for my English fiancé) is a soccer coach with a constantly changing schedule. Paired with my rotating schedule as a surgical nurse, it’s very difficult for us to get an extended amount of time off together. With only five days notice we managed to book a trip to the Dominican Republic! From the start he was asking me to wake up early to watch the sunrises, and to go and watch all the sunsets, which are usually things I suggest to do while on vacation. Little did I know he was actually scouting out the perfect location. One afternoon he was rushing me to go get ready to take a walk to see the sunset. As we were walking, we came across a setup with a big white arch on the beach and I thought to myself, “Oh my god this is it, he’s proposing!” However, we walked right by and I thought, “Okay, I guess this isn’t going to happen here.” We continued walking and finally approached our favorite spot on the beach.

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We were about to take some pictures when he grabbed my hand and he said to me, “There is something I have to do”. He got down on one knee (he’s 6’6″ so we were actually eye level now), I immediately started tearing up. When I looked at him I was so overwhelmed by the love and tears in his eyes I started hysterically crying, which then in turn made him cry more.

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Neither one of us can remember what he said or if I even got to say yes, but all I remember was never feeling happier in my life. After he finally got the ring on my ringer with both our shaky hands, I turned around to see a photographer there who captured the entire thing! Talk about the best day ever!

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