Jackie and John

Image 4 of Jackie and John

How We Met

I saw this cute guy at Michigan State orientation and got the courage to talk to him in a group of friends. Long story short they had karaoke and they sang “Call Me Maybe”. His buddy asked me to record them singing so I ended up sending them the video and we then had a group chat as we started freshman year. We all hung out the first week of school and John and I ended up going to each other dates parties as friends. We would meet at tailgates and go to the football games together and everyone would say how we are dating. Fast forward to a few months when my friend convinced him to finally kiss me and the rest is history. Six years later, we have lived in three states, and finally, we are engaged!!

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How They Asked

We went home to Michigan to visit our family and supposedly for his younger sister’s graduation from Michigan State. We spent the night before with his family and woke up Saturday morning went for a walk before graduation. When we got back we got ready for the graduation and headed out shortly.

His sister left first with her cap and gown then his family left. A few minutes later we headed out and his sister sent us her location. They told me it was a few person ceremonies from the Honors College due to the pandemic. As we got close John told me they had made arrows in sidewalk chalk to follow for the graduation.

I saw the first arrow then we kept walking and noticed our name on the sidewalk. At this point, I knew what was happening and started to cry. We walked towards Beaumont Tower and I see six different picture frames with pictures from each of the years of dating. As we got to Beaumont Tower there were gorgeous flowers and a frame with 7?… then he got down on one knee. Without a doubt, I said YES!!. Little did I know my family and his family were hiding and taking pictures. I can’t wait to one day take our kids to football games and share our proposal story with them!