Jackie and Frank

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pier 17, New York City

How We Met

Frank and I met at the hospital where I was working as a pediatric ICU nurse and Frank as a neurosurgery resident. Whenever Frank stopped by the unit to check up on his patients, he was always cheerful and we chatted effortlessly. I remember telling my family about this really cute resident and said if I was going to date anyone from work, Frank would be it. A year later, I was accepted into a full-time DNP program and was going to be leaving the hospital. I knew I had to reach out to Frank myself and let him know I was leaving or accept that we would never be. Frank uploaded a picture of his dog Lex on Instagram and I decided to comment on it, which took a lot of doing on my part since I can be shy. A few days later, he asked me out on a date and 8 months after our first date, we got engaged!!!

How They Asked

Frank proposed (not once, but twice) during sundown at Pier 17. I was under the impression that we were going to his neurosurgery department holiday party, so I was very surprised when we got to the pier and there were rose petals and candles in the shape of a heart spread out on the ground. Frank took a box out of his jacket and as he opened it, the ring flew out of the box and across the pier. I frantically ran after it and retrieved the ring.

Jackie and Frank's Engagement in Pier 17, New York City

When I turned around and handed the ring back to him, he was roaring with laughter and tossed the ring in the water. I thought he had lost his marbles but as it turned out, he was trying to trick me and the fake ring was supposed to land in the water all along. He then got down on one knee and took out a second box encasing the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. With the sun setting in the distance, he asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes! It was the most romantic moment of my life and an even better proposal than I could have ever imagined.

Jackie's Proposal in Pier 17, New York City

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