Jackie and Drew

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How We Met

Jackie and I first started ‘dating’ in middle school when we were 12. I had just moved to Germany from California because of my mom being in the military, and knew absolutely nothing: The culture, the language, the country, the school, the town, etc. When I got there, I fell head-over-heals for the most beautiful girl in school. Little did I know, that after just a few months of some light-hearted persistence and annoyance, I would be ‘dating’ the most beautiful girl in school for the next 2 years.

Well… that was short lived because I got a call from my mom that we were moving to Texas from Germany, for high school. My world came crashing down. I lost the most amazing person in my life and my best friend. For the next 4 years we would lose touch…but in some strange way, still feel connected.

Eventually, college rolled around, and it was time to start applying to Universities. An as the Universe would have it, we both had applied to the same school in Texas: Texas A&M. In addition to that, we both got in! Well, we didn’t really know anybody going there at the time, so during our senior year of high school we reconnected and fell right back in love! Fast-forward 5 more years: We’ve graduated college, are living together, have a puppy, and are both doing really well at the company we work at in Menlo Park, California!

how they asked

For the entire 2015 year, I carefully planned a secret, air-tight, surprise trip to Santorini, Greece, getting the time off from my manager, her manager, booking our tickets, hotels, activities, etc.

Fast forward to November 30th, 2015. We had just finished spending Thanksgiving with family in Texas and were headed to the DFW airport to fly back home to California. Well, little did Jackie know that when we arrived at the airport, the tickets wouldn’t have San Francisco International on them, but instead Santorini, Greece as our final destination. She was in complete shock and had the biggest /cheesiest smile on her face for the ENTIRE flight!

Fast-forward to Santorini, Greece on December 3, 2015. We had just finished spending the day exploring and hiking and were about to catch that famous ‘Santorini Sunset’ on the end of the island. We decided to change clothes to better suit the weather for the afternoon. As soon as Jackie went in the cave house to get ready, I started scaling and climbing cave house after cave house, roof after roof, looking for the perfect spot to plant and set up my proposal shot. Eventually, I found one, set my camera to take a picture every 2 seconds, and then headed back down to the cave house to seal the deal.

Jackie finished getting ready and saw that I was waiting on our private terrace. As she walked toward me, I took her by the hand and brought her to the center of the private rooftop of where I was standing. And, as the sun began to set, giving off that gorgeous Santorini glow, I got down on one knee and asked for her to marry me! It was the FIRST time in my entire life I saw her cry from pure joy and surprise! I couldn’t help myself but start choking up, too!

It took 14 years, but I finally got that “YES!” Never in a million years, would I have guessed that I met my best friend, my future wife, and my soulmate in Wiesbaden, Germany, at 12 years old!”
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