Jackie and Chris

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How We Met

We met at work (st Joseph north) 3 years ago around Christmas time. On New Year’s Day, he took me to my college’s football game that happened to be in Orlando.

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We’ve been inseparable ever since :) So this January will be our 3 years together. We love to travel and go on adventures. Anything from exploring to hiking, sporting events, music festivals, anything and everything! Within 6 months of dating, we went to Europe and did so many things. Not only did we see almost everything, we did some pretty amazing hikes. Our biggest one was 14miles and the cliff was 1000 meters high! I’ll have to show you pictures :) and that’s actually how he proposed.

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how they asked

This spring in May we went out west and went to several states to go to parks and do hikes. While in Sedona Arizona he proposed to me on top of a cliff called the devil’s bridge. It was perfect :)

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Special Thanks

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