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How We Met

Ben and I met when I was just 12 years old, not because we were the same age, but because he was one of my older brother and sister’s best friends. Ben was always just there. Whether it was family functions or just sitting at the kitchen table eating all the food in the fridge, it was expected that he was around. I never thought of him as anything else, mostly due to us being four years apart, which back then seemed like such a huge age gap. As the years went on Ben moved to Seattle, Washington, but would come back in a heartbeat for my family. Ben flew back to Arizona for a week due to my brother asking him to be his best man in his wedding in June 2014. The week before the wedding Ben and I spent a good amount of time together running around doing last minute wedding preparation, and it just clicked. He was everything that I was looking for, his personality, his carefree attitude, and his loving smile. It was there, and he and I both felt it. At the time he was now 24 and I was 20 and that age gap wasn’t even a thought that crossed my mind. The night before the wedding he asked me to be his date and from there our history together began. At the wedding, during his Best Man’s speech he announced that he was moving back. He sold his condo that he had just bought about 6 months before and was back in Arizona by July 4th, just in time to watch the firework show with my hand in his. We officially started dating August 14th 2014, because I was stubborn and insisted we take it slow even though we both knew that us being together was meant to be. It’s remarkable to think I have known Ben over 11 years, and now we’re engaged. Life with him is more that I could have ever imagined.

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how they asked

On May 16th 2017, we went to a train concert. Valentine’s Day three months prior Ben gave my lawn tickets to my favorite Band (Train). I have been a Train fan since I was young, and have been to several concerts, but none like this. The lawn tickets were enough for me, I was just excited to be going! Little to my surprise Ben had upgraded our tickets to VIP and to the third row. I literally could see the sweat on Pat Monahan’s forehead, to say I was excited was an understatement. He had told me the seat upgrade was my graduation gift because I had just graduated with my Nursing degree two days prior from NAU. Swept up in enough excitement he revealed during the opener of the concert that we won a contest that he entered when he bought the VIP tickets to go BACKSTAGE for 4-5 songs and watch the show. I was about to lose my mind, I couldn’t believe it… I even asked Ben if he thought it was a scam (HAHA). Well there was no contest, and the seat upgrade wasn’t a gift for my graduation. Ben had been orchestrating a proposal ON STAGE at the concert for months, and by the grace of God and his persistence it happened during the “Marry Me” song. Things like this don’t happen and Ben made it happen. All of our friends and family were in the audience or live feed to congratulate us after, which was so special to me. It was a dream come true, and it happened in front of 16,000 people. It was videoed, he used my full name, and he used my FAVORITE FREAKING BAND. It was the proposal of my dreams to the man of my dreams.

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