Jackie and Alex

How We Met: Our freshman year in college, Alex and I met each other outside the library. I was meeting my best guy friend who he knew because they lived in the same hall. I walked up to the two of them but I couldn’t look directly at him because I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. After an entire school year of hanging out in the friend zone, we became a couple that summer and an inseparable one at that!

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how they asked: I spent Thanksgiving with his family and because I have two very little brothers Alex would spend Christmas at my house. After everyone opended their gifts he announced he had one more very special one. He had a pink Build-A-Bear princess dressed very chic with a small purse. Inside her purse there was a Jared’s box and after realizing what was happening I saw my family recording and taking pictures and then came the big YES!

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