Jacki and Zach

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How We Met

We met when mutual friends decided to have a game night in college. Immediately, we hated each other. Because we were both super competitive, we got in each other’s way. We both went back to our roommates that night and told them that the other should never be invited back to game night.

After that, we became friends through being on the same team in competitions. Slowly, I started to fall for him.

At a New Years Eve party after someone suggested that we date which prompted HIM to go on a 20 min rant about how it would be too intense and never work out (little did he know).

Jacki's Proposal in Davis Creek, Bourbonnais, IL

Over the next month or so I tried to get him alone so I could tell him that I was interested in him but it never worked out. So I had to resort to having a friend ask if he would ever be interested in me. He said he had never given it serious thought and spent a couple of days thinking and praying about it then decided to ask me out.

We had the best Chick-fil-a and glow golf date (which he later confessed that he let me win and I made him take me back so we could have a fair competition. He won). And the rest is history. We fell in love. Hard.

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How They Asked

First, he took me back to the restaurant where he had asked me to be his girlfriend and we sat in the exact same booth. We reminisced and laughed about all the good times we have had together. Then we drove to Davis Creek and I knew what was happening. When we had first started dating, we went to this creek almost daily to talk about life and watch the water. We walked hand in hand and once we got there he told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend forever with me.

Jacki and Zach's Engagement in Davis Creek, Bourbonnais, IL

Then he got down on one knee- and this is where it goes south, literally. I yelled yes and went in for a hug with a little too much force. I knocked Zach over and we both came tumbling down. We were laughing so hard and it made for a very special moment that we will both always remember.

Special Thanks

Landon Martin
 | Photographer