Jack and Sophia

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how we met

Her side: We met in Vegas where I was living at the time & Jack was celebrating his 30th Birthday. He was sweet, charming and most of all genuine. We had an instant connection. We started traveling together and fell in love over and over again in the most beautiful locations. Costa Rica, Mexico & Greece just to name a few. After about a year and a half of having a long distance relationship we decided it was time for me to move to New Jersey to start our new life together.

His side: I met my beautiful wife on my 30th birthday in Las Vegas at the WYNN Resort. She was working in a venue called Blush Boutique Lounge. Normally men would go out and party the night away and not remember anything… I actually did the total opposite. I was there to just chill, I wasn’t drinking.. only Diet Coke, and I was all about business talk with my friends and colleagues. However my night quickly became one of the most challenging obstacles I had ever encountered. My goal was to grab Sophia’s phone number. It was great to have friends with me at the time who made the night memorable because they were challenging me to do the same. 6 years later… I now wake up to the most beautiful woman and mother to our child.

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how they asked

My proposal went viral. In a nut shell, I am blessed with the opportunity to host so many celebrations every weekend that it only made sense to do my proposal the same way.. It was right under my nose. I literally planned an entire wedding (centerpieces, invitations, limos, grooms, bridal party (my clients), and random guests and very little friends. We had a total of 80 guests to set this scene. Naturally we waked in during cocktail hour and everyone played their role as a guests. My guests knew what was going to happen. I informed my DJ (LJDJS only the best in the trip-state!) to cue up the bridal parties intros and dances. All of our guests knew their cue to leave the dance floor midway through the Grooms dance… btw, it was a gay wedding, to leave only Sophia and I on the dance floor for the proposal heard around the world. As I got on my knee…

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She was saying “You can’t do this here!” I replied, “This is for us… They are all actors!” She didn’t get what I meant until she turned around to see our son and her family who flew in from Las Vegas to witness my proposal. Many media outlets loved this story and to this day we are having a blast talking about it.

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