Jack and Abby

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How We Met

Jack and I met at his Fraternity’s Halloween party in college. I had a lot of friends in the fraternity and had been telling my friends for weeks how cute this guy was. That night with the encouragement of all my friends I went up and talked to him and he asked me for my number at the end up the night. We went out to lunch a week later and hit it off immediately.

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After college Jack and I continued to date, but both moved back home to work. We live just over a hour from each other so we spend a lot of weekends back and forth. One weekend last fall we had plans to get dinner with his parents on a Saturday night. I came out for the weekend and last minute Jack found out he had to work Saturday during the day. I spent the day just hanging around town. Little did I know he was at home doing something huge. That night he picked me up to meet his parents for dinner on the way there he told me we were going to stop by their home(they were gone already) and take a few aerial pictures of his parents property as a Christmas gift, using a drone. We walked out to the front yard and he asked me to hold the phone, which was recording live video from the drone flying up. The drone got up in the air and I saw “Abby” with a heart mowed into the field we were flying over I thought “what the heck” and as he kept flying up I realized the next words were “will you marry me” as Jack pulled out a ring and got down on one knee.. or at least tried to while I was jumping on him excitedly. He had spent the whole day mapping out and mowing giant letters into the field with his family and friends. He even had spaced them out perfectly and measured everything using a computer mapping program (typical engineer). He’s always been the best at surprises, but this one will be hard to top!

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