Jacinta and Steven

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How We Met

We met when we were 16 (Jacinta) and 17 (Steven). We came to know each other because our best friends were dating each other at the time. During the course of their relationship, we unknowingly had crushes on each other but we both never thought it was appropriate to act on our feelings so remained friends. We were friends for 2 years before the best friends broke up and as a result, we stop seeing each other altogether. Three years and a bad relationship later we rekindled our friendship as we both needed the support after both going through rough breakups. Shortly after coming back into each other’s lives, we realized that there was a reason we had crossed paths, we just weren’t ready for each other at that point in our lives. Our theory is the universe wanted us to experience heartache before finding each other romantically so we could appreciate how good we have it rather than expect a perfect relationship from one another. It has made us humble, stronger and we will never take a moment together for granted. A month after we reconnected, we were infatuated with each other and quickly fell completely head over heels for each other. The rest is history.

How They Asked

A few weeks prior to the proposal, I received an email from my boss from a job that is relatively new, he told me he needed me in a few weeks’ time for some candid photos and headshots for the website, along with a lunch with some developers at a beautiful location. I looked on the winery’s website to see if I could catch a glimpse of the lunch menu before getting there but had no luck but didn’t think anything of it.

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A few days before this photoshoot was supposed to happen I ensured that I got my nails done, as any girl would if they were told they were having a photoshoot. On the morning of, I did my hair, make-up and dressed appropriately for a winery lunch, I even brought three outfits with me to change into for different photos throughout the afternoon. When I arrived I didn’t take much notice of the amazing set up by My Proposal Co. that I could see from where I had parked my car, I just thought to myself “huh, that’s cute, someone must be getting married this afternoon”. I made my way to the entrance where I was met by a lovely staff member and I asked for Realm Realty’s table. The staff member walked me around to where my eyes met with Steven’s from a distance.

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To be completely honest at this point I think I was just running off adrenaline, I don’t quite remember the walk to him or anything he said (Sorry Steven! Lucky we got it on video). I was in so much shock that after saying yes one hundred times I proceeded to ask Steven if he had seen my boss because I was going to be late to my lunch and photoshoot. Well done to Steven for catching me so off guard!

Steven had orchestrated the whole story of my work meeting and photoshoot after speaking with my boss and asking for his assistance. It turns out I had been emailing Steven the whole time, not my boss. Well played Steven, tell a girl she’s getting photos were taken and that’s one way to make sure she has her makeup, hair, and nails done!

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The proposal was followed by a delicious platter and bubbly provided by the winery, along with an intimate photoshoot by the lovely Dani Bartlett. After finally calming down after some relaxing in the cushions, a helicopter landed for a ride over McLaren Vale where I proceeded to cry like a tap that hadn’t been turned off (happy tears of course). To top off a perfect afternoon, the helicopter flew over the block of land we have recently purchased and will soon be building our first home on.

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