Jacinta and Johnathan

Where to Propose in The Old Mill, South Perth

How We Met

We met on a top deck tour at the beginning of the trip. Randomly had dinner together in Paris with friends. We got to explore Europe together. The first night we kissed he bought me a dozen long stem roses in the streets of Florence. Our first proper date was dinner in Berlin. He surprised me with gifts along the way. Another date was a bicycle taxi through the night in the streets of Munich. We both lived in Australia but in different states. I moved to be with him.

Proposal Ideas The Old Mill, South Perth

how they asked

We had an adventure day ready on Sunday. We were going to explore South Perth. There is an old windmill you would always see coming into or out of Perth. We had always wanted to check it out so we made a day of it and brought a change of clothes so we could have a dinner date later on.

We arrived at the old mill and were in awe of the history and the cottage. He really wanted to go into the windmill but as it was built in 1830 it was quite dangerous. As I kept looking around he went to go beg the volunteers that work there to let him up in the windmill so he could propose. I had no idea. I went to get some water and all of a sudden he gets down on one knee and begins to propose. He then looks down and freaks out as the ring wasn’t in the box. I continuously laugh and cry and kind of think he’s joking. 5minutes later he finds it and says…

Jacinta Daicos you are the love of my life and the only one for me. *Que lost ring pause, found it* Jacinta I feel we’ve given it all we’ve got will you do me the honor and become Mrs. Philpot. Will you marry me? Yes, is the answer. The best day of my lifetime! We celebrated with a beautiful dinner and drinks overlooking the Swan River and breathtaking sunset.