Jacinda and Jesus

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How We Met

Jesus and I are actually high school sweethearts, we me in high school junior year. We both did not have a date to our Senior prom and a mutual friend of ours suggested that we go together, it was from that day on June 9, 2011.

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I knew my life would never be the same. Thank God that our DJ sucked because we were able to spend time out on the terrace of Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, New Jersey talking and finding out we had so much in common. I was 18 at the time and Jesus was actually my first real boyfriend as in asking my parents permission and all. We have grown in so many ways together, and he has taught me so much about myself and has changed my outlook on life for the better. He is my best friend and I can not wait to say “I do!”

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how they asked

Jesus’ birthday was Thursday, December 22nd, and we had plans for the whole month to visit the city with my family that Friday. Believe it or not we have been together for five years but have never visited the tree during Christmas time before. It was something we had all been looking forward to as this year of 2016 had not been the easiest for us and my family with my parents divorce and us in general budgeting and money being tight. We went to Times Square first and took pictures for a while, I remember mentioning I was hungry and asking if we could eat first but everyone responded with “I’m not hungry” and “We” eat after the tree”. Weird because it was 7 pm and I knew for a fact that my 13 year old sister was always hungry but never the less we kept moving.

Once we arrived at the tree I just stood there and stared. It had been years since I had seen it and I honestly was just overjoyed to experience it with my family. We took a ton of pictures, my mom and Jesus went off to find a nice spot for more photos while I talked with my sisters and cousin about what we were going to eat for dinner…once again still hungry. Jesus returned with my mom and she told us to stand by the tree so she was able to take our picture. Jesus turned to me and asked me if I remembered the promise he made to me five years ago. “If we are still together after four years, I promise I will marry you”.

All I remember is shaking my head yes and repeating “really?” over and over. I had never been so happy and excited in my life, so much so that I did not even let my new fiance put the ring on my finger! I literally grabbed it, put it on, and kissed him, and of course repeated “really?” for the tenth time.

One request I asked Jesus years ago was to have our families there the day he proposed, well he outdid himself by having not only our families, but our closest friends all there circled around us in New York. I’m still in shock and I still look at my ring 120 times a day, I don’t think that will ever stop. I can not wait to marry my best friend, Dominican Republic here we come!