Jacie and Tylynne

How We Met

We met my freshman year in college. Apparently (I found out after we were engaged) Tylynne told his friends the day he met me “I’m gonna marry that girl.” After a few months of pushing him to the friend zone I decided to give him a chance. He asked me on a date (thanks Shelby for FORCING me to go) then accidentally fell asleep for two hours after I was ready.


After that he almost lost his chance, but he redeemed himself with how good of a dancer he is ;) He is the kindest, sweetest, most God-loving, and selfless man I’ve ever met. I’m so glad God placed us in each others lives.


how they asked

We had only been dating about 9 months, and my family invited us on a cruise. Of course we weren’t going to say no. When we were on the ship my Tylynne seemed to be going in the jewelry an awful lot. I asked my little sister (who can’t ever lie to me with a straight face) if she thought anything was going on, and she said “nope. he would’ve told me” and walked away. At this point my whole family was in on it. On our first stop, Cozumel, Mexico, Tylynne started acting really strange and shy. Apparently him and my brother had already drawn up a plan of where and when Tylynne was going to propose on the island. I (accidentally) ruined the whole plan and went to play volleyball instead. Tylynne (and my whole family following) came over to the volleyball court. I’m not sure how i didn’t notice everyone’s phones out filming. Then he came over and popped the questioned.


I was so surprised that I didn’t even have time to cry.


Now I can’t be more happy to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.


Our Video

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