Kodie and Jacie

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How We Met

Jacie and I met our first year of college. Early isn’t really my “thing” so I ran into class late and grabbed the only open seat in the amphitheater. Lights were dim and the monotone professor put me right to sleep, on the stranger’s shoulder right next to me. When the light flicked on I jumped up and so did he since he happened to fall asleep on me too. A few months go by, and I got my first Job working at Chuck E. Cheeses. A few more months pass, I forget all about that awkward fall semester, until this cute guy comes in for his first day of training. We ended up becoming best friends, spending hours talking under the stars, and sharing everything, including every embarrassing moment, like “this one time I fell asleep on the guy next to me in class” and “no way! I fell asleep on this girl once too.” In that moment I realized, he was my Serendipity.

how they asked

Our friends had been talking about a get away to Lake Tahoe for the last few months. We planned to stay in a cabin, explore Tahoe, bundle up with a cup of cocoa and relax. The plan was that the guys would head up early in the morning for their Tee Time, and golf while the girls stayed back and finished classes and got ready for a formal dinner and night out. Around five o’clock we head out. It was storming like crazy, but we were ready for a weekend away from reality. Once we were close, we realized that we were early for our dinner reservation and needed to freshen up due to the storm. So we head to the cabin to meet the guys.

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As I opened the front door all I could see were rose petals and candles up the stairway and “Marry Me” playing softly in the background. Slowly, I made my way up the stairs and down a hall following the petals and candle light to a dimly lit room full of our closest friends, family, and of course my now fiancé! Jacie got down on one knee, and popped the question!!

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What an amazing surprise, am I living a dream!?!

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