Jacey and Marcus's Musical Proposal

How We Met

We both worked at the mall, just at different stores. I knew one of his friends that he worked with, and he ended up calling me over. As I talked to his friend, Marcus (my fiance) started blushing and frantically started working again (so cute, ha!) Fast forward a year or so and we ended up becoming best friends. There literally wasn’t a day we weren’t together! We would just hang out and talk for hours upon hours, and if we couldn’t be together, we were texting pretty much non-stop. 6 months later my best friend quickly turned into a boy I love more than anything! He ended up asking me to be his girlfriend on 1-1-11. I heard a knock I so opened my door. No one was there but there was a trail of roses that I followed. I got to the end to find a pile of flower, my best friend, and a note asking to be his girlfriend.

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Ever since then things have only gotten better, and I have him to thank for it! We have now been together over 5 years, have the sweetest 2 year old, and are planning our wedding for next year!

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how they asked

A night I will never forget So amazing! My sister called and said she wanted to watch our 2 year old sweetie. We ended up dropping her off about 6, so Marcus (my fiance) told me he was going to take me out to eat at my favorite restaurant for date night. We get there, grab a table and ordered our food. While we were there, he said he had to go to the “bathroom”. The next thing I know, there is a giant sliding wall that’s right next to me that slides open to an extended part of the restaurant. Once it opened, I saw speakers, lights and heard Marcus singing a song for me with all of our family lined up behind him!

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The song he is playing in the video is the very first song he wrote for me on the day we started dating, 5 years ago. There was always a small, missing part that had no lyrics to it. He said that he couldn’t figure out what would go good there, so as far as I knew, that part was still empty. The night he proposed was the night I finally got to find out why the song still had a empty part.. he was saving it all along so he could ask me to marry him in in it! The best night of my life!

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