Jacey and Cameron

how we met

Cameron and I met in Fort Myers Beach, FL in 2010. Both of our families were vacationing in the same condo building. I first noticed Cameron when he was playing frisbee on the beach with his younger cousin. Being a very shy girl at the time, I was far too nervous to approach him myself. I asked my much more outgoing grandpa if he would introduce me to this cute boy. We threw the frisbee around for a while and it was quite obvious that it was my first time touching a frisbee! Cameron and I hung out on multiple occasions and got to know each other as our vacations went on. Sadly, our time together in Florida came to an end and Cameron returned to Toledo, OH and I back to Zeeland, MI. However, we could not stop thinking about each other.

how they asked

Cameron proposed at my grandparent’s cottage on Green Lake in Caledonia, MI. We spend every summer on this lake doing all the water sports! It was the perfect place as Cameron wanted to ask me to marry him in a place that was special to both of us. Cameron had a very elaborate “proposal plan” that he emailed to our families, giving each family member an important role. My grandma was responsible for getting me out of the house and distracting me for the day. Cameron’s family was traveling from out of town so they needed time to secretly arrive. Once my grandma and I left to go shopping, Cameron and my brother set up a path of candles and lanterns that led from the side of the cottage to the beach, where Cameron was planning to propose. On the beach, they created a huge heart with pretty seashells and a string of globe lights. They also set up a white antique end table inside the heart, which had photos of Cameron and I on it.Cameron typed up cards for our family members to read to me. Each card contained words that described me and how I displayed those characteristics throughout our relationship. His plan entailed having our family members at different spots around the outside of the cottage, which would eventually lead to where he was standing on the beach.When I arrived back at the cottage, I saw Cameron’s mom, brother, and sister waiting by the mailbox. They read about how I have exhibited perseverance and bravery in our relationship despite the challenges we have been through. Then they led me to my grandparents, who were waiting on the side of the cottage. They read about how I have shown unconditional love and compassion to Cameron. Next, my grandparents walked me to my mom and brother where they read about my faith and trust. Afterwards, everyone walked me down the candlelit path to Cameron, who was waiting on the beach with a frisbee in his hand. I met Cameron here and this is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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