Izzy and Tate

How We Met

Tate and I went to high school together, but I only ever knew him as the older boy who dated a friend of a friend. Jump forward to the end of my first year of college, I had shared a post on Facebook saying exactly how long it would take to watch all of the Harry Potter movies through. Out of the blue this boy I hardly knew comments saying he’s “totally down” for this movie marathon. Thinking this was just some lame joke (especially considering he had moved out of Illinois where we were from all the way to Florida) I just liked his comment and moved on with my life.

Izzy's Proposal in Skopelos Island, Greece

Later that night he messaged me on Facebook Messenger saying that he actually meant it and he’s free anytime, especially now that he’s transferring schools and moving back to Illinois! I was coming home soon for summer break, so I figured I’d at least humor him with a response. We instantly hit it off with a witty conversation, and then he asked me out for tacos whenever I got back home. The funny part is I told my mom before the date that I was just getting some tacos out of it since I wasn’t really looking for a relationship. The date was amazing with us laughing the entire time, and we clicked instantly. The rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Skopelos Island, Greece

How They Asked

Tate and I love to travel, and he had just graduated from college so we decided to take a trip to Greece just us two before meeting my family in Germany. I love the movie Mamma Mia, so I wanted to visit the island where they filmed part of the movie. Our first night on the island, Tate asked if I would record him reading some of his poetry (he is a poet and does this wherever we travel to help promote his work so that wasn’t unusual).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Skopelos Island, Greece

Proposal Ideas Skopelos Island, Greece

As the sun was setting we walked along the water out to a tiny lighthouse when it started raining out of nowhere. I suggested we wait for a better time but he insisted we do it now! Then right there in the rain, he read the proposal he had written out. With me recording it after he popped the question he took the camera to record me, but he was too excited/nervous that he missed me! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Regardless, it was a magical moment overall.

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