Izza and Tim

Image 1 of Izza and Tim

How We Met

We met each other 17 years ago. He was part of my older sister’s friend group, but he saw me as the kid-sister at first. We met while skipping school because we were both a bit rebellious back then. We ended playing halo, well he played while I kept accidentally shooting him and simultaneously making him laugh uncontrollably at how bad I was at x-box! About a year goes by, we end up at the same house party and dance the night away ending with our first kiss. We have been inseparable since!

How They Asked

My fiancé planned the proposal with my Sister-In-Law and best friend. He had them ask me to go for a walk and when I arrived at my favorite park I began to notice many of my friends were there. As I got closer I saw each one holding a blown-up picture of my fiancé and me through the years. It ended with my high school sweetheart of 16 years standing under a row of bright red autumn-time trees at sunset. He was so nervous he forgot to get down on one knee and I was so excited I gave out the wrong hand! Him: “We getting married or..” Me: “YES” I interrupted! Then I heard a bottle of champagne pop and I tried to stop myself from ugly crying as my friend poured us a glass and we toasted to our future forever.