Izra’el and Madison

how we met

We met spontaneously at a mutual friends house in our hometown of Macon,Georgia. Our friend circles intertwined, and it was organic and felt so real. I had the biggest crush on him and we ended up going to y senior prom together. From there, we spent two and a half years pursuing each other and being certain that we would spend forever with each other.

how they asked

Yes, the proposal was a surprise! It was beautiful! He walked me to a park near where we first met and had colorful rose petals and tea candles set up. He poured his heart out in a short speech and then got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. After I said yes, the photographer and my close friends came out from hiding in the bushes and surprised me further! I was convinced that the surprises were over, but soon I was blindfolded and taken to a beautifully decorated house that was full of our closest friends. To say that the proposal and engagement party were perfect would be an understatement! It was simply a dream come true!

Special Thanks

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