Ivy and Mike

How We Met

The craziest part about how we met, is that our meeting was 16 years in the making! Michael and I grew up on the same street as kids, went to the same elementary school, played baseball at the same park that my brother played and my mom ran, and every church and youth group my family joined and left, his family did too in the same time frames, had mutual friends all through middle school and early high school. Yet, we never met. It wasn’t until January 2011, Michael and I were just sophomores in high school getting through our awkward stages. What we had and what we started with was so natural. We became friends quickly and fell in love even quicker. The day we met, I was lucky enough that my mom introduced us.

It was Michael’s first day of the spring semester. My mom being the office manager , she chose me to show him around since I knew the campus pretty well. We interacted like insecure high school students, who thought they knew how to flirt, awkward was an understatement- though apparently it worked. My favorite part about how we met was the first time we had conversation outside of class, two days into the semester. I was in sweats, my hair was in a bun, and I had zero make up on and did I mention I was also ugly crying with ice on my back from being carried in from an injury? Just picture that! He didn’t look past me for how I looked, and sat with me while I was “bandaged up”. That was a good sign for me!

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As I said, we were friends first so we had a lot of group hang outs, but our first real date was on Valentine’s Day weekend, February 12, 2011. I’ve never had so much conversation and laughs all at once with someone before. We talked for so long I’m sure our waiter thought we would never leave. I learned so much about Michael in just one night that I was already smitten. Despite my lack of relationship experience, I knew we had something special and I knew that he was something extraordinary. The following Monday was Valentine’s Day, this is when I saw how adorable he really was! At the end of the day when everyone else had gotten their Valentine’s Day gifts we walked out to our cars and had me close my eyes.

He reached into his trunk and pulled out several Valentine’s Day goodies. I opened my eyes and had a grin from ear to ear! His first response as I reached to take them from him was, ” hold on! You can only have these if you’ll be my girlfriend”. Obviously, my answer was yes. That day started one of the biggest adventures for him and I. Since then, we have experienced a lot together. From high school sweethearts, to fiance’s, and now college sweethearts. We have made it a point in our lives and experiences to always grow as individuals and together. The last seven years Michael has been nothing but a rock in my life. He was there to hold my hand at the loss of my father, to cheer me on through all my successes, and constantly make me laugh so hard that I cry. I want nothing more than to be with him for the rest of my life!

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Our proposal constantly leaves me breathless. I have been pushing the desire to become a certified skydiver for a long time now, so for my birthday he took me to add a jump to my list. With this background, I had no idea what was about to happen. We got ready, hopped on the plan, and I was the last one in line to jump. As I approached the ground, I started to notice a huge sign on the ground. I couldn’t quite make out what it was right away, but as I got closer it was very clear to read. It said in big red letters, “Will you marry me?”. By this point, I was speechless and super grateful I was doing a tandem jump, because I am pretty certain I would of crashed otherwise, I was so shocked. Once I reached the ground, he was all I could see. He walked toward me, said some of the sweetest things, got down on one knee, and asked me, “Will you marry me?”.

I was speechless and could barely get my YES out, but apparently my face said it all! We then spent the rest of the weekend at the Opal Sands Resort on Clearwater beach. He pulled all the strings for this weekend. From dinner on the beach and Roles Royce transportation, to roses and a balcony.

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