Ivy and Matt

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How We Met

I met Matt in 2011, my first Sunday living in Ohio. We were friends for the first part of high school and then with a little convincing, we started dating at the end of our sophomore year. We dated all through high school. With Matt on the football team and me on the cheer team, I felt like we got to experience all the best parts of high school together. We went to every prom together. Won cutest couple of our graduating class and then walked at graduation together.

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Soon after graduation, Matt left on a 2 year mission trip to Ecuador for our church and I headed to Utah to start college. We lived very different lives and only were able to email once a week. He returned from Ecuador this June and we picked things back up right where we left them. We quickly knew that 2 years of waiting was long enough and we wanted to get married! We are now both in Utah going to school. He has always been my best friend and we have been so lucky to grow up together. Incredibly grateful my family moved to Ohio six years ago.

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how they asked

The proposal happened the day after my 21st birthday. I spent my birthday with Matt which he made perfect, besides fake proposing at one point. Saturday I was going to celebrate in Salt Lake City with my best friends. We drove down to Salt Lake and missed our reservation by an hour and a half because of game-day traffic. When we got there they said it was going to be another hour wait to get a table. My friends improvised and said, lets go get your presents from the car and then go shopping.

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So we hopped in the elevator and with one friend distracting me and another making sure I didn’t see what floor we were going to, I unknowingly made it to the top level of the parking garage overlooking the city. As soon as I walked out of the elevator I could see the lights and the flowers and knew it was happening. I had been suspicious for a few days that the proposal was coming soon, but we had just decided what ring I wanted on Monday and Matt had training for his job all day, so I thought there was no way it could be today.

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When I turned the corner from the elevator, Matt was dressed up, surrounded by lights and pictures from our many fun years of dating.He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. After, I got to celebrate the best night of my life with my closest friends, the perfect ring on my finger and delicious cheesecake.

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