Ivy and Joe

How We Met

We met online at the end of 2014. We just decided to meet up and hang out! Then I went to New Orleans by myself to celebrate New Year, but I couldn’t stop texting him! I shared all the things I saw in New Orleans and took so many videos of jazz music. When I went back, he picked me up at the airport and we started dating! This New Year we spent our time together! We went to Orlando before Christmas. One of the photo was taken inside the Harry Potter train.

Image 1 of Ivy and Joe

When we came back, we just went to a bar and welcomed 2016 in Stamford together!

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how they asked

We have been living together in Stamford for three months and we share the same car, so it’s really hard to give surprises. I drive him to work and pick him up when we go home. We have decided to get married, and we got our marriage license, but I really want a proposal too (like every girl)! So I ask him every day, when are you going to propose to me? Are you going to propose before we get our marriage certificate? And he always said, I got it. But nothing happened. Finally, one week before our civil ceremony, on Chinese New Year’s Eve, he was picking me up at the Stamford train station, and he took out a bouquet from the trunk! He hugged me and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I would! Then he showed me the pictures that he had been secretly taking during the last month. He held a sticky note (or the ring!) and did selfie with me and I knew nothing. I looked so confused in those pictures!

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