Ivy and Elijah

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How We Met

Elijah and I went to the same school for 6th grade, but the only thing I really remembered about him was him laughing when his friends would pick on me or talk about how tall I was. I changed schools after 6th grade and never had any communication with him after that. My senior year of high school I was the homecoming queen of my high school and because we are from a small town they ran the story in the newspaper. Elijah was working out at the local gym where my Dad also worked out and saw my picture in the newspaper article at the gym. Both of my parents worked at the local high school that he attended and after he saw the paper in the gym he started making small talk with my Mom. He would ask questions about how basketball season was going and how I like my new school. I remember my mom coming home and telling me that he randomly wanted to know more about me, and it seemed suspicious to her. The same day after the conversation with my Mom I got a new follower on Twitter and it was him. I still was naive and didn’t think of it until I tweeted about playing golf and he said that he could teach me (so corny, I know). After having a short conversation on twitter he decided to send me a DM telling me I should text him sometime.

Our conversations went from twitter, to texting, and I agreed to go on a date with him. We decided to go to a movie then grab dinner after so we could learn more about each other. I remember freezing through the whole movie and declining his jacket multiple times because I didn’t want him to think I needed him lol. I am a shy person, but the conversation flowed so effortlessly over dinner and we both learned so much about each other during a short time.

It stormed that night and he agreed to drive us home despite my attempt to make us wait it out. We made it to his house and I refused to go inside and wait on the storm to pass before I drove home. The conversations continued and I felt like I had known him my whole life. That night I remember praying to God and telling him that I thought Elijah was the one, but we would both be leaving for college soon and I didn’t want to get my feelings hurt or be in a long distance relationship. So I asked God to show me a sign that he was the one and that morning I woke up with the reassurance that I would spend the rest of my life with Elijah.

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How They Asked

On May 15, I had to travel to Charleston, SC for a work conference. I made earlier plans to go take some time off and go home to Georgia after the conference because it was a short drive compared to the drive from Oklahoma. Elijah drove to Charleston on the 16th so that we could spend some time together exploring Charleston and then drive us home on the 17th to see our families. May 17th was the last day of the conference and we made plans to leave after my last session and that’s where the craziness began. Elijah had a photo shoot planned for our 5 year anniversary and we needed to be in Atlanta at a certain time so that we didn’t miss our booking, but it seemed like nothing was going right. On the way home we were delayed and detoured by 3 different car accidents and I still needed to go home and get ready. We do a lot of talking and reflecting in the car and Elijah seemed so quiet and focused on the way home and I couldn’t understand why so I questioned him multiple times and he continued to say that everything was fine. We finally made it home, got ready, and hit the road headed to Atlanta. If you know anything about Atlanta, you know that traffic around 4 o’clock is insane and I just knew that we were going to miss the photo shoot. The whole trip there all I could do is pray that somehow there would be no traffic and we would have a smooth and safe trip, and this is exactly what happened. We made it to Cam Kirk Studios on time and were able to start the photo shoot.

After about 20 minutes of taking pictures, Elijah left to use the restroom, at least I thought. When he came back I was given a laptop and the first person I saw was my friend Sara.

He had asked all of our friends and families to send in a video congratulating us on 5 years and telling me much I meant to them. I cried, laughed, and smiled through the whole video. The last clip was of Elijah telling me how much he loved me and reminding me that 5 years would be a special year for us and at the end of his clip he told me to turn around and he was on one knee. On May 17, 2014, we shared our first kiss at a graduation party and he wanted to start this new chapter of our relationship the same way we started 5 years ago.

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