Ivy and David

We met, on-line, at a time when we did not think that love was possible again for either of us. Having both just gotten out of serious relationships (I was previously engaged, and my now-fiancé, David, was about to pop the question to his ex) that had us reeling, we initially never planned to be dating each other. After months of friendship and being each other’s “therapist”, helping one another heal and move on from our exes, we realised that we meant more to each other than just “friends”. David then took the leap and asked me out on a “real date” that had me fly to Baltimore. We had dinner and saw a movie on July 18, 2013, followed by a big date in Baltimore at the National Aquarium. A long distance relationship, with David in Baltimore, and me in Toronto, we managed to make it through and stay strong, despite the hundreds of miles between us. We have been together, happy and in love, ever since.


how they asked: It was July 22, 2014 – we were in Baltimore, Maryland, celebrating our one-year anniversary, four days later than the actual day. Prior to this big celebration, David, ever the video-game enthusiast (he really loves them), had been selling his rare and valuable collectibles. Unbeknownst to me, he was trying to sell them in order to buy the ring that he would later put on my hand when he asked me to marry him.

Up until the anniversary trip to Baltimore, I had been seeing some unusual behavior from David – he was on his iPhone far more often than normal, texting or calling away, which he claimed was because he was helping a former university classmate with a project. Another point of suspicion was when David was staying tight-lipped about the anniversary “presents” that he had in store for me.

After a wonderful day at the National Aquarium, an homage to our first ever, big date, in 2013, David and I returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner at the Inner Harbor. After getting all gussied up, we began to walk over to the restaurant when David suggested that I pick up the souvenirs that I had wanted in a store at the Inner Harbor. While in the store, David quickly ducked out, saying that he “had to pee” which I did find funny, but paid no more attention to, since I was very well distracted (I can’t resist shopping!). After buying the souvenirs, and upon David’s return from his supposed trip to the restroom (he was actually gone to prepare for the big, surprise proposal), we once again started toward the restaurant.
I had been bugging David all day for a photo of the Harbor with the National Aquarium as the backdrop, and he had refused, up until leaving the souvenir shop. It was then that he said, “Ivy, you should get that picture that you wanted, now.” As I was setting up my iPhone for the shot (which I did successfully take), in my peripheral vision, I could see David reach for something in his back pocket and get down on one knee, at which point, I reacted with “Oh, f*** no!” I was definitely shocked, to say the least, and could not believe what was about to happen.

Given my reaction, David thought to himself, “Sh*t, she could actually say no.” He hesitated for a moment, became very nervous, and lost his words, so he just said, “Hey Ivy, so you know those video games and consoles I’ve been selling… Well, I’ve been doing that so I could get you this ring. Will you marry me?” Of course, I was still in shock, being embarrassed that there were so many spectators, and all strangers at that, but very happily said, “YES!”

The goofball that he is, he actually asked again, “So, is that a ‘yes’?” While I was nodding, “Yes!”, David put the beautiful ring that he had picked out and bought on my finger, and we embraced while David’s former university classmate (that he was not actually helping for a project, but had actually contacted and hired as a photographer), snapped away photos of the amazingly romantic proposal.

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Photos by Everett Hall-Mcneill