Ivy and Chaz

Image 1 of Ivy and Chaz

How We Met

It was September 2005 when the ” Chivy ” adventure begun (Chivy is a name which was given to us by some friends). I was just an innocent 16year old who was about to embark on the most exciting journey at Performing Arts College in London. Chaz, a not so innocent 19year old who was doing nothing with his career, spent much of his time trying everything he could to get my attention. Chaz and I both grew up and went to the same school in Horley a small town in Surrey, England. That being said, we were blissfully unaware of each other. Between leaving secondary school and starting college I worked as a waitress in a cafe, it was here where Chaz first spotted me serving coffee whilst he was waiting at the traffic lights! After some detective work, Chaz managed to get my number from a mutual friend and it was then where the non-stop texts and calls started. After many failed attempts, I reluctantly agreed to meet at Liquid Lounge, the local hot spot of Horley town! This one night lead us onto what would later become thirteen years of courtship.

how they asked

In 2014 our careers brought us to Dubai. Having done long distance for the first 9 years of our relationship it was here where we first officially lived together! We have always openly discussed our desire to tie the knot so after settling into Dubai life we decided to make a date. It was on one of our many late-night car rides home when Chaz turned to me and said “but I want to give you the proposal you’ve always dreamed of’. I replied, “who cares, it won’t be a surprise, I know you want to marry me”. We told our immediate family only staying in our own little bubble for a few months.

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Fast forward to October 2017 somewhere deep in the Arabian Desert, we set up our Go Pro ready to capture our Save The Date picture. Whilst waiting for him on the sand dunes, little did I know that he was actually setting the GoPro to record and not the camera timer. He came running up to meet me at the top of the dune where we positioned ourselves for the photo. Before I knew it, he was on bended knee, ring in hand, me in tears!

Image 2 of Ivy and Chaz