Ivy and Bryan

How We Met: Every time we tell people how we met, we laugh. Little did either of us know we would find ourselves on a dating website, but we have to give credit to Match.com. Cannot say it works for everyone, but it definitely was in our favor! We started dating after a few months of talking on Match and then a few months after that we made it “official”.

Image 1 of Ivy and Bryan

Image 2 of Ivy and Bryan

how they asked: First, I have to tell you that I constantly give Bryan a lot of talking to about how he cannot or will not plan things with me. If you watched the Proposal Video or will watch, you now know why I exclaimed, “You made a plan!”. LoL Onto the amazing day of: Bryan and I rally cross race with the Middle Georgia SSCA (Sportscar Club of America). Between the two of us we have four Subarus. I have only ever raced my Subaru once, I usually ride along with Bryan. (Someone has to tell him where to go, right?!?)

Bryan left early that Saturday morning to go help setup for the race. I did not arrive until right before the racing was supposed to begin. I first realized that Bryan’s mom, stepdad, dad AND dad’s girlfriend were all there. Of course I asked why! Never imagined it was for the real event that was about to take place. Second clue that might have threw other people off, but not me because it’s kind of a normal thing for him to do was that Bryan had way too many GoPro cameras on and in his vehicle.

Of course I asked why, mainly to make sure he had not spent a lot of money. LoL He said it was to capture more views during the upcoming National Race Event he is attending in Iowa. Okay…I can believe that. At the race each car does four laps in the morning. The event is a timed race for each driver. The first lap was normal. I don’t think he even hit cones! Second lap changed my life forever. We are halfway around the course and one of the guys doing safety watch started running out onto the field waving a red flag.

This means there is a safety issue, please stop. He said that there was something coming out of the back of the car. I could not imagine what he could have been talking about, except maybe fire. In the video you see me trying to look back to see what is going on. Completely clueless. Just the way he wanted it! When he opened the door and asked me if I was okay, I gave him the most “are YOU okay” look. I thought he was overreacting from the fact that we had to stop or that he actually thought I was scared.

I am in a race car! My freight levels are a little higher than normal people, duh! When he got down on his knee and the realization of what was going on hit me, there was no holding back the tears. You always hope, dream and wish that the man of your dreams, the man you thought you would never find or one who you could love that much is asking you to be his forever. Poor guy was so nervous I had to put the ring on myself. But I am definitely OKAY with that! Best moment of my life! I am so very lucky that Bryan chose me to be his partner in life. And I was wrong, the man can plan! I love you, Bryan!