Ivi and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I met at Xsport fitness. Matt was the manager and ran the fitness center. I was the spam manager! Every single person we worked with told us we would be perfect for each other. We were told that we had the same personality and sense of humor. Being both managers at work, we had numbers that we were supposed to hit! One morning when I went to work I had a note on my computer that said “I am interested in buying 600 massage minutes please give me a call” and stated a phone number. 600 massage minutes was huge for me because I would have hit my bonus for the month.

When I call the number as soon as I got to work I hear Matt’s voice on the phone. He said “tricked ya, but at least now I have your number.” My heart melted. Matt was the one guy at the gym that every single girl loved and wanted to date! When I had first met him he saw that I had a expensive purse and told me he could never date a girl like me so I thought I had no chance!

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how they asked

After a couple weeks of texting back and forth, we planned to all go to Bar Louie with the employees. That night we went to the bar after work I could not stop smiling. It was that night that I realized Matt and I would end up together. He made me laugh the entire night. He said one thing to me that has stuck with me forever. He told me the first night that we went out ” I would have a ring for you one day.” Never did I imagine that 3 days later Matt and I would end up ENGAGED! In October Matt called me and asked me what I was doing December 7th. I had told him that I had no plans.

He than said, “you do now, we’re going to Mexico and it is your Christmas present.” I died!!!!!!’ The first thing that came to my head was OH MY GOSH WHAT IF HE PROPOSES IN MEXICO! We get to Mexico and I kept hinting and asking Matt if he was going to propose. The first night we were there Matt sat me down and told me it was only my Christmas gift and he was not going to propose to me in Mexico. I was devastated. I had myself so convinced it was going to happen. I was so sad the rest of the night and just couldn’t get over it. The next day we woke up and had an amazing day at the beach.

Matt knows how much I love pictures so he had planned to go watch the sunset before dinner. There was a professional photographer on the beach taking pictures of couples. I than said to Matt ” let’s have her take a picture of us.” He was all for it. Little did I know that Matt had everything planned with this photographer that she was going to be shooting the proposal. She starts taking pictures of us, the last pose she had me turn toward the water and she said on the count of three to look back at her. as soon as she counted three my entire life turned around. I turn my back to Matt down on one knee.

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MY heart stopped. There is no feeling that can be explained when being in a situation like this. I couldn’t help but cry.

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I fell to my knees and could not stop crying from how excited I was.

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He opens the ring and I cry even more. He is on one knee telling me how he loves me and will forever being other half and I don’t even remember everything else he said because I was in such shock.

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I have never in my life been as happy as I was on December 9th, 2016. It was the most amazing fairy tale proposal.

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