Ivey and Christian

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How We Met

We met in sixth grade because we were in the same home room and our lockers were next to each other. I immediately was crushing on Christian and wrote him a letter that said “you’re hot” and put it in his locker.

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He didn’t find out until about 7 years later who wrote that note! I also wrote about him in my diary which to this day my mom saved and I’m sure will be brought out at the wedding. My friend asked him if he would date me in sixth grade and he said no (because he wasn’t allowed to date until he was 16).
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how they asked

We went down to Palm Bay, FL for spring break with our best couple friends Kayla and Brian and stayed at Christians grandparents’ condo. One of the first mornings we were there we all decided we wanted to go watch the sunrise at the beach. That morning I woke up and rolled over to Kayla and told her “I’m regretting this decision” because I wanted to keep sleeping. Little did I know what was about to happen!

We started getting dressed and I noticed everyone was dressing up when I really just wanted to throw on some yogas. They said Brian was going to take some photos at sunrise. Brian happens to own his own photography business so he was always snapping pics and I didn’t think anything of it! Looking back now it’s funny because Christian was so concerned about what kind of pants to wear and I told him to just put on any pants it doesn’t matter!

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We rode to the beach and had coffee and donuts, then Brian started taking some pictures. We posed for group photos, then Brian said he wanted to get one of Kayla and I, so he turned us around so that we were looking at the water because he said the lighting would be better. We did as we were told, oblivious to Christian who was behind us grabbing the ring box out of Brian’s photography case. Christian walked down to the beach and asked me to take a walk, which I of course asked “why?” At this point, he realized I wasn’t going to play along so he just looked at me and said “You know what is my favorite thing about you?

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How hard it is to surprise you.” and dropped down on one knee, pulled out a beautiful ring and I said yes to marrying the man I’ve been dreaming of marrying since sixth grade!

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